Review of Peyton Gets Punched Out

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Gets Punched Out – 16 mins

The two best FWR fist fighting females are at it again! In this exceptional custom video we find Peyton checking her make-up in the dressing room when she sees a stack of cash sticking out of someone’s purse. She looks around then grabs the money and stuffs it in her bra. Cut to the ring where Becca storms in to confront Peyton. “Where’s my money!!” A fast sucker punch staggers Peyton and the remainder of this video features a one-sided punchout from Becca. Peyton gets knocked out several times but Becca simply waits for her to wake up then demands that she get up then continues the destruction! Poor Peyton is finally finished and knocked out for good after admitting that she stole the money. We KNOW that you’ll love this fist fight!

This video comes with great timing, as just last FWR update I was talking about how it doesn’t matter who wins when it comes to a match with Peyton vs Becca. Becca lost that match and it was awesome and now it’s Peyton’s turn to take a beating at the hands of Becca, and of course this too is awesome. I love the little story behind this one, with Peyton seeing some money in the locker room and steals it. Becca takes no time to figure out who the thief is, with Peyton literally being the only other person in the building. Becca goes to the ring and beats a confession out for Peyton and takes her money back of course, counting it to make sure it’s all there too. I love that there’s more than one KO in this vid, although it still would have been great with just one KO at the end. I love the outfits too, something a little more casual, but still very sexy. And I love just before the final KO, Becca holds the pretty much out cold Peyton up by her hair. That was a great looking, seeing the helpless Peyton like that before getting her lights knocked out. I think Peyton’s stealing days are done, she definitely won’t steal from Becca ever again, that’s for sure. But also, it still always great we get Becca taking on Peyton.

Overall Score: 9.9/10