Review of Peyton Gets Punched Out … Again

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPeyton Gets Punched Out … Again – 13 mins

Peyton stands in the ring smacking her fist into her hand, looking forward to kicking Becca’s ass. She’s confident that she’s going to enjoy destroying her rival with her bare fisted punches. Becca enters with a smile and the fists go up. The first and last girl to land a punch is Becca while Peyton never lands one. Poor Peyton is DESTROYED by her blond rival and grows weaker and weaker as the beating continues around the ring. Becca smashes her knuckles into the brunette’s face until she can barely stand and she’s so beaten that she actually looks forward to getting knocked out. The blond steadies her by the chin making Peyton a prime target for a flurry of fast hooks and the knockout uppercut. You’ll love this powerful one-sided fist fight! And to lighten things up we’ve included a few fun outtakes at the end.

I continue to feel like the people who are ordering these customs from FWR are loving that they have completely flipped the script with what happens when Becca and Peyton do battle. Before with the Peyton proves herself series and others, Becca was completely out matched every time they met, it was never even close and I loved every single one of those. And now with this Peyton gets punch out becoming a series and a few other recently released videos it’s Peyton who doesn’t stand a chance. Even though when Becca lost things seemed to be a little OTT and with Peyton now holding the L, they are not, I am still loving these videos. Just as this title suggests Becca uses those hammers naturally glued to the ends of her wrists to beat the daylights out of Peyton. And even though I felt Peyton spent too much time tied in the ropes for this particular addition, both ladies absolutely nail their roles and gave us an excellent show. Also, this video continues the pattern of having the ladies dress in some less than usual attire for battle and I have really been enjoying that too. So as I always say it really doesn’t matter who wins, Becca VS Peyton is major cornerstone of the FWR brand and they continue to prove that they are indeed FWR’s best.

Overall Score: 9/10