Review of Persephone’s Secret Plan

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone’s Secret Plan – 10.5 mins

Lisa and Persephone are enjoying some sun bathing by the FWR pool when Lisa decides to get a drink in the house. When she’s gone, Persephone reveals that she’s got a plan to trick Lisa into fight because she secretly hates all the blondes at FWR. When the two beauties go into the studio Persephone attacks and throws a shocked Lisa into the ring. The diminutive beauty grabs the blond by the hair and puts her in a hammerlock followed by a full nelson. A stunner drops Lisa to her knees and the brunette begins her dominance … for a short time! Lisa manages to escape a clothesline and hits Persephone with a low blow and works her over with head smashes to the turnbuckle, a crotch pull into the ring post, and some good old fashioned fisticuffs. But Persephone makes a comeback with an uppercut and a black jack blow to the head that causes Lisa to hear birdies and succumb to a sexy matchbook pin. Persephone poses victorious and proclaims, “Another blond bites the dust!”

Alright, self-admittedly I got this vid just because I love Persephone, saw that she did a little bit of jobbing in this one and I’m still sad knowing she gone. I also have to admit that I feel like this is this updates “Anything Goes” video, as it kind of follows the same idea, just with bikinis and bare feet, as opposed to one pieces and boots. There’s also a little more story involved in this one as we start outside where Persephone revels her evil plan to take down Lisa. Other than that it’s pretty “Anything Goes” like. Now don’t take that as a bad thing, as many “Anything Goes” videos I have reviewed, it should be clear that I love that series and this video being a lot like that, is no bad thing. The action is pretty prostyle, with some dirty low blows and weapons used. That tide of the match goes back and forth. The reactions aren’t over the top, but are kind of silly and light hearted. We get a few KOs throughout the match and of course a few Darri-air KO poses as well. Lisa sells pretty good and shows some signs of her OTT capabilities, yet to be tapped into. And of course Persephone is just as adorable as ever, super cute while losing and loveable, yet evil while winning. So if you’ve been in the market for an “Anything Goes” match with bare feet and bikinis, well look no further, but as much as I love bikinis, I love my boots too, so I’ll have my eye out for the next “Anything Goes” video.

Overall Score: 9/10