Review of Persephone’s KO Practice

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone’s KO Practice – 12.5 mins

We join cute little Persephone in the studio where she’s displaying several different knockout items. With the help of her friend Scarlett, Persephone enjoys receiving knockout after knockout while her eyes flutter and cross, and the birdies tweet! You’ll have fun watching our little beauty get knocked out by a blackjack bow to the head, a toy ball hitting her, a taser to her cute jiggly butt, a big mallet to the head, a sleeper hold, a game of hide & seek, a metal lid banged over her head, sleepy potion (with hilarious results), and a final sleepy mist blown into the faces of both Persephone and her assistant Scarlett. Don’t miss this fun and hilarious video!

This is another video that I was extremely happy to see released. Persephone selling silly OTT KOs is something I am always looking to see from her. And of course as I’ve said before, FWR is really great at producing silly KO clips just like this. I got exactly what I hope for and expected with this one. Persephone is very happy and willing to do a great selection of KOs, all dished out by the lovely Scarlett. All the KOs are plenty silly and OTT, with great tongue protrusion and eye reactions, twitching is just on the tazer KO. This clip seemed like every one was having a great time recording it, which translates to making it even more fun to watch. I think Persephone did an excellent job selling in this clip, her extra bubbly attitude help make it more fun to watch. Scarlett too was having a good time knocking out Persephone. We even got a nice double KO in the end. If you like silly KOs this one not to missed.

Overall score: 9.5/10