Review of Persephone’s Knockout Secret

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone’s Knockout Secret – 16 mins

We join cute little Persephone in the ring where she admits that she’s got a secret. She LOVES getting knocked out! Since she doesn’t have a match she asks you to film her knocking herself out and even helping her with a few of the ko’s. The beauty proceeds to knock herself out by running head first into the turnbuckles, by using a boxing glove, running head first into the wall, hitting herself with a frying pan, hitting a metal wok on her head, by having you use a tazer on her, various head smacks into furniture and ball, and a blackjack hit by you! Each move involves a LONG eye-crossing knockout, lots of cuckoo sounds, silly faces and smiles, and even some hair fetish fun. We KNOW you’ll enjoy Persephone’s Knockout Secret!

The Knockout Secret series has turned into yet another one of my favorite FWR series with the last few additions with Becca and now I get see a new one with another one of my FWR favorites, Persephone. The series goes back to its roots a bit with this one, focusing a little on the hair smelling thing and not having OTT KOs. The hair smelling thing wasn’t a big part of this, but was nicely sprinkled over the video. It was at the point where I can enjoy it, as Persephone’s hair is one of the many reasons why I like her so much and I’m sure all that wonderful dark black hair smells wonderful too. Most of the video was based on silly KOs, with plenty of dizziness and silly smiles. Persephone is incredibly adorable doing all these KOs. The KOs she does on herself are pretty good and the KOs that happen to her are pretty funny. As much as I did love this video, I would love to see Persephone’s KO Secret go the way Becca’s has and get more OTT than this, nonetheless, I am really happy to get more KO Persephone action like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10