Review of Persephone Meets Summer Rose

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone Meets Summer Rose – 11.5 mins

We join Persephone, one of our newest female wrestlers, in the dressing room and inform her that we’ve set up a wrestling match for her against Summer Rose, another rookie. Confident that she can get her first victory, the cute little wrestler heads out to the ring where a tall and tanned blond awaits. The one fall match begins and Persephone gets the upper hand by forcing Summer into a corner to work over her belly. A quick flip gets the blond down to the mat as Persephone attacks with a chin lock, surfboard, and a scissor hold. Our little rookie goes for the early pin but Summer kicks out only to find herself dragged to another corner for a foot choke and one legged scissor! A confidant Persephone continues to work over her opponent but when she gets Summer in a head lock, the blond beauty escapes and catches Persephone in a hammerlock. A snap mare, head scissor, body scissor, dragon sleeper, bear hug, and a sweet sleeper hold knockout signals a surprise end to Persephone’s battle. The lovely Summer stands victorious over the unconscious Persephone as we all hope to see a rematch soon!

I do have to say, FWR is getting some beautiful new talent. First with Persephone, I loved her right away and she is looking really great so far and now Summer, who’s long and lean, looking fantastic in a believe her first match at FWR. When we get matches with two rookies vs each other I expect some things to be a little rough around the edges, but to be honest this match went smoother than I expected.  Persephone was a little gentle on a few or her attacks, but that was really about it. I think they both did a great job applying the holds and selling the whole thing. Persephone is still really impressing me, she’s got a knack for this it seems and did really well both winning a losing, really good KO at the end too. I loved her confidence coming into this, stand up to the much taller Summer and just flexing on her, super cute and funny. As for Summer, well first of all, you leg guys are going to just love Summer, like a said, long and lean. She also did really well for what I assume is her first wrestling performance, pretty good selling already and did good putting Persephone in her place. I personally can’t wait to see those long legs of Summer with some boots and knee pads and truly anything with Persephone, of course I do hope her losing streak continues. Either way going to be a lot of good things to come from FWR.

Overall Score: 9/10