Review of Persephone Meets Mia & Ziva

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Persephone Meets Mia & Ziva – 15 mins

We join Persephone in the wrestling ring stretching as two new girl wrestlers, Mia and Ziva, climb in the ring to bully her. They figure that she’ll be an easy target so they can make a name for themselves right away. They both taunt and shove Persephone around a little then go to town on her with some double holds. The poor girl is boot choked on the ropes, kicked in the belly, hair mared to the mat, and forced to endure an arm stretch and a double bow and arrow. Persephone is knocked out in a camel clutch/leg lock/sleeper hold, a front head scissor/leglock hold, a double bear hug, and a double stunner. Ziva and Mia pose with the unconscious Persephone on her knees between them as they recap the fun they had destroying her … but they don’t see that the girl has awoken! A sudden double low blow turns the tables on the bully girls as Persephone takes over! She destroys the girls with several knockouts of her own from a double dragon sleeper, a double body splash, a head scissor/choke out knockout, and her own variation of a double stunner! In the end, the cute and sexy Persephone is posing victorious over the piled up beauties. Please welcome Mia and Ziva!

And the flow of new and wonderful talent joining the FWR roster continues with these two newbies, Ziva (in the white and black one piece) and Mia (in the all black one piece). It certainly is exciting times at FWR, the all these new girls coming in has been and continues to be awesome. I love this introduction to our new comers as they pick Persephone as their first target and they beat her down pretty good, with a couple of great tag team holds and several KOs, all well sold by the tiny Persephone. But of course as much as I love seeing Persephone taking a beatdown, I have got see what the new girls are like on the losing side. And I get just that as our little firecracker takes control with a double low blow and begins to dominate the two noobs. I have got to say the two rookies do a very good job selling, and I wouldn’t even say that one of them did anything much better than the other. I do lean a little toward Ziva for being my fav of the two, but really they both look great and sold really well, for what I assume is their first time. Ziva and Mia are definitely two more rookies to keep an eye on, this was a very solid first impression. Also let me say that I loved the one pieces with the thongs, fishnets and converse boots, it’s a very good look and they all wore it well.

Overall Score: 9.5/10