Review of Persephone Destroys Bella Ink

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsPersephone Destroys Bella Ink – 30 mins

This sweet 30 minute wrestling match starts with Bella Ink laughing hysterically at her tiny opponent, Persephone. It ends with Bella Ink destroyed, defeated, humiliated, and forced to give an interview while little Persephone sits on her in a tight school girl pin! Bella tries her best to get Persephone in holds near the beginning of this match but the cute girl manages to escape and dominate. In 10 rounds of action filled with screaming submissions from Bella you’ll see a bear hug, several single and double hammerlocks, single and double leg crabs, full nelsons, body scissors, a knockout figure four head scissor, a high school girl pin with a little breast slapping, a leglock/surfboard combo, head locks. a camel clutch, a clothesline, and a standing bow and arrow. And to make things even more humiliating, Bella must raise Persephone’s arm at the end of each round, call out the score, and write the score on a marker board! Don’t miss this fun domination match!

Man, Persephone is really making a big impact for me. I know you can never really replace anyone, but she is doing a great job of filling the hole left by Charlie. She too does a great job on both sides of a match and her dominating this match is made a little better because of the size difference. Now, don’t get me wrong, I would still love to see her lose literally every match, but that being a ridiculous wish, it is great to see her come out on time in this fashion, especially versus Bella Ink. Another awesome girl that I just love to see lose. The only think I really hope for when it comes to matches like this is to get a KO mashed in there somewhere and this one does that. So with my KO fixation being filled, I can really enjoy the rest of the great stuff in this match, that mainly being the humiliation aspects. I love Bella having to raise Persephone’s hand after every round, with Persephone just so pleased with each win and Bella’s frustration getting mixed with exhaustion as the rounds pile up.  And of course having to mark the score on the board after each rounds doesn’t make Bella feel any better. Persephone really rubs in her dominating victory by forcing Bella to carry the scoreboard around the ring like a round girl in a boxing match. Then doing her post match interview while sitting on top of poor defeated and humiliated Bella. Absolutely stellar humiliation and lots of submissions in this vid, performed excellently by both Bella and Persephone.

Overall Score: 9/10