Review of Pentathlon Match: Madison vs Becky

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Pentathlon Match: Madison vs Becky – 17 Mins

MadisonMadison and Becky are two experts at applying submission holds. Therefore, to determine who the better skilled submission wrestler is, they participate in a “Pentathlon” match in which they take turns applying the same five submission holds for one minute each. The winner is the wrestler with the most submissions at the conclusion of the match. The five holds are the camel clutch, the arm bar, the abdominal stretch, the torture rack, and the Indian death lock. These tough beauties trade the pain with each hold, the girl applying each hold taunting her opponent and the girl receiving the hold defiantly trying not to submit! The ring was filled with screams of pain and each wrestler managed to force a submission from each hold … until the end. One beauty emerges victorious while the other moans on the mat in total defeat!

These submission competition matches aren’t my favorite thing in to see, but Madison and Becky are. So a little back and forth submission action with these beautiful ladies is always worth a look. They gave us a show too, great looking submission holds, lots of great selling of pain and suffering, good wear down and exhaustion and as I said before they both look amazing. Madison did end up being the one defeated in the end, which I liked, but either way probably would have been good for me.


Overall score: 8/10