Review of PANDORA vs TINY

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldPANDORA vs TINY – 24 mins

The stunning PANDORA returns to SKW after far too long and she is very happy to be back! As our match opens she relates to Sleeper Kid that she tried calling some of her old friends to set up some matches but for some reason the girls seem to not want to work at SKW anymore and Pandora doesn’t know why, jokingly asking if the house is haunted or something.  As this is going on, we see that there is indeed a monster on these mats as the gigantic TINY sneaks up behind her and this beat down begins! Now folks, Tiny towers over every lady on the SKW roster but poor Pandora looks especially small as Tiny is just MASSIVE in comparison! This dichotomy is apparently throughout the entire match as our masked heel puts Pandora through a chamber of horrors that runs the gamut from LIFTING sleeper holds (with Pandora completely in the air, legs kicking, while Tiny applies the hold) to simply mean tactics like stepping on her fingers and ankles to torture her.  Pandora is subjected to so many knock outs it is no easy task to count them all as Tiny gleefully destroys the bikini clad brunette over and over! Finally Tiny seems to grow bored with his ragdoll toy and an always impressive gorilla press leads into a series of multiple tombstone piledrivers that knock what little life remained in Pandora totally out of her body.  As Tiny places the ragdoll over his shoulder one has to wonder if Pandora will ever return to the SKW mats again after such a horrible destruction! YOUR WINNER: TINY!!!

It’s always great to see Pandora, I’ve missed her a ton since she quit being a local talent, even though she would drop by every now and then to shoot some videos, it’s been too long since she last visited. Even better, I think, don’t quote me, but I think she’s a local talent again, or will be soon. I sure hope so, because she’s amazing and there’s no better way to show just how good Pandora can be, then putting her up against the world’s biggest heel, Tiny. There was something that I noticed while watching this video, and maybe some of you will agree. Pandora, looks a bit like and sells a lot like Bambi Buttons. Which is a great thing for both aspects. Pandora looks phenomenal and she sells like a champ. She definitely hasn’t lost her touch, in fact, I would say she’s better than ever. Of course Tiny does tend to bring the best out of everyone. As you would come to expect this is a great squash. All the moves you can see only from Tiny fill the video. Pandora sells it over the top, but not crazy, a moderate amount of twitching, little bit of tongue protrusion and plenty of eyerolling. I didn’t notice any drooling. This is what I wanted to see from Pandora and what I assume most of you guys like to see from a returning wrestlers. So, I got to hand it to SK for feeding Pandora immediately to Tiny and giving us another outstanding Tiny squash. Now, I just need to see Pandora and Bambi work together, to see if they really do look and sell similarly or if I’m just crazy.

Overall Score: 9.9/10