Review of Paisley vs Jocelyn

Review of LPAW WRESTLINGPaisley vs Jocelyn – 22 mins

Jocelyn faces of with one of the best LPAW has to offer. She wants to prove to Paisley that she is for real. Paisley isn’t having that. She sees a newbie girl who is way to confident. Jocelyn even tells Paisley she doesn’t know who she is. This match is probably the best match we have had at LPAW in a long time. Both ladies are serious all the way through. Pin attempts, sleeper, punches, splash’s, scissor stomp, boston crabs, and much much more!

This is a vid from LPAW a production that’s been around for quite a while but I don’t frequent that much, but maybe that will change and this is one of their newer releases. First off I got to say how much I love the pro style look with the one pieces, boots and knee pads that is very popular on this site. For people like me who just love boots and knee pads in all of their vids, it makes all of the videos possible options because I don’t cross any out for having an outfit I don’t like. The action in this one is pretty good, the moves are well executed and they move at a good, no move is held on too long. The match is highly contested, being anyone’s game up until the final moments. There is a nice curveball ending, which was nicely unexpected and a final piledriver KO and pin. Overall it kind of reminds me of FWR’s anything goes vids, which isn’t a bad thing, good look girls in pro style outfits, giving us some pro style action. I think this was good enough to get me to go back and see if I can find something great. They already use the pro style look I really enjoy, lets see if they have some pro style squashes I’ll really enjoy as well.

Overall score: 8/10