Review of Pain in Pantyhose Knockouts

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Review of Galas Balloons and Fetish ClipsPain in Pantyhose Knockouts – 13 Mins

GalasWe discover Jacquelyn Velvets KO‘d, butt in the air and Galas enjoying triumphant sexy and smiley victory poses with her foot planted on Jackie’s butt. Galas explains that she just won the fight by cheating a little by drugging Jacquelyn before the fight and now, she enjoys and immortalizes her victory in front of the camera. The drug effect wares off soon after this and Jacquelyn wakes up angry and mad at Galas. Galas is begging for mercy, but Jacquelyn decides to teach her a lesson and to get her revenge. What follows are multiple humiliating cunt busting KO kicks and even stomps. After each KO Jacquelyn humiliates Galas verbally & furthermore with sexy victory poses on Galas’ limp body. For the finale, Galas can’t take it anymore & she begs Jacquelyn to finish her off. She orders Galas to spread her legs delivering a last good hard kick to the cunt. Galas is KO’d after the impact with her tongue hanging out slowly going down against Jacquelyn’s thigh until the bottom of her foot with butt in the air.

What an interesting and unique video this is. Pantyhose, low blows, KOs, Darri-air poses, victory poses, and tongue protrusion sum this up pretty well. It’s pretty safe to say, I’ve never seen a video quite like this before. The KOs are all caused by low blows. It’s completely one sided, once Jackie wakes up after being drugged (off cam). I love how Galas reacts to the low blows, it’s like her whole body shuts down, her eyes roll, her tongue pops out and she just crumbles to the ground. Then Jackie can do whatever she wants with her limp body. The camera does stay a little too far away for most of action, but Galas’ selling is great enough to see it as long as the camera is at least in the same room. Jackie poses over Galas after every KO, mocking her. I love this style, love Galas’ selling, the camera work could be a bit better, but Miss Velvets was awesome and all the KOs poses were great. Overall, a pretty fun video if you’re a big fan of any of those things I listed at the top.

Overall Score: 9/10