Review of OVERKILL: episode ten

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVERKILL: episode ten – 28 mins

COCO and ANNE-MARIE star in this amazing overkill battle! Both ladies go OVER THE TOP as they take each other down via tons of KOs and some vicious post knockout attacks!!!  Here’s the breakdown: Round 1:  Anne-Marie dominates with multiple belly blows, a snap mare, a reverse ground dragon sleeper KO (leaving Coco a drooling, tongue protruding mess), and keeping it on till Coco is convulsing.  She then takes a blackjack and nails several overkill shots on Coco, followed by a leghook pin on her twitching, KO’ed foe! Round 2: Anne-Marie opens with a brutal low blow kick to Coco’s crotch, leaving her cross-eyed on the mats.  Anne lands some amazing leg drops across the back of Coco’s neck as she rests in a derri “air” pose, humiliating her opponent.  She then adds insult to injury by driving the tip of a sai into Coco’s temple, turning her into a convulsing KO’ed pile on the mats.  Coco drools, her eyes rolling until she finally goes out.  Anne pins the convulsing Coco with a Spanish Press pin, adding another point to her score! Round 3: Anne goes for a big KO punch, but Coco ducks under it and pushes Anne face first into the wall out of desperation. Coco manages to get some belly blows on Anne, who is stunned from the collision with the wall.  Coco regains some her strength and proceeds to unleash hell on the blonde wrestler.  She knocks Anne out with a massive uppercut, sending her flying.  But the Latina isn’t done!  She nails a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO, and then proceeds to torture Anne-Marie with an OVERKILL rope chokeout. Coco adds a leghook pin, and even though she DOES pass out on top of her prey, Coco continues the onslaught in the next round with a small package piledriver, an epic and extended sleeper hold, massive OVERKILL body blows with a staff, multiple OVERKILL frying pan shots to the head, a frying pan assisted uppercut to the chin into a matchbook pin, massive punch onto a tazer/bench, derri air convulsions, drooling, and a final twitching leg hook pin for the win!

I’m assuming that it would come as no surprise to guys that this is again one of my customs. This one I ordered not too long after the Coco and Sumiko one with SK, as soon as I heard Coco was coming back. This time, wanting to see both ladies lose, but not being able to afforded a third set of hands to help dish out the punishment, I went with what a loving call “The Anne-Marie” match type. What it means when someone gets “Anne-Marie’d” is when one girl starts out strong, but makes a mistake or gets over powered halfway through and then gets completely destroyed. This happens to Anne-Marie a lot and I love when it does, hence why I named it after her and of course why I chose her for the role. One of the things I love about getting customs from SK is that he knows me and my style by now and therefore I can leave a lot of the moves and events up to him. This was one of my simplest scripts, if you could call it that, that I’ve ever written. Besides for a bit of dialogue, leg hook pins and the overkill with a weapon part, it pretty much said “Anne dominates for the first half, and then makes a mistakes, and then Coco destroys Anne. And make it really over the top.” So SK came up with all the moves, all the weapons, how they were used for the overkill stuff, Anne-Marie’s mistake, how the match ended and of course absolutely directed Coco and Anne-Marie in delivering insane OTT performances. I love that I can tell SK to “go nuts” with the OTT stuff and every time I do he seems to do his best to get even crazier than last time. I would say “good luck” on getting crazier next time, but honestly, I think he’ll figure out something to do it bigger and better next time. There were some truly epic and unexpected scenes from both sides of this one. As much as I loved Coco losing and how happy I was with Anne-Marie getting a little cocky in the heel role, it was without a doubt that Anne’s jobbing performance stole the show in my opinion. She when absolutely ape-shit with her OTT reaction, from her patented back flip from an uppercut move, to the piledrivers, the chokes, the long sleeper, the frying pan attacks and that final tazer scene, Anne delivered one of the most OTT performances ever. She’s already my favorite jobber at SKW, but after this I love her even more than before. Saying all that, I have to mention Coco performance as well, because I don’t want it to seem like she didn’t sell her ass off too. Coco did a hell of a job selling OTT and I am absolutely in love with her selling. I thought she did great with Sumiko, but she came back on her second visit and did even better. Tongue out, twitching, eyes rolling and crossing around in her head, all have improved just enough to notice for my other custom. She got a look and style of selling that it would truly baffle me to find someone who doesn’t love Coco. I think she is just that good. Overall, I again have no choice but to stand and appalled SK and crew for not only piecing together this custom for me, but somehow still surpassing my greatest expectations.   

Overall Score: 11/10