Review of OVERKILL: episode nine

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVERKILL: episode nine – 25 Mins

AnneANNE-MARIE and JESSICA NOVA face off in one hell of an overkill battle!  The key here is to nail your opponent with as many repeated tactics as you can before the pin, and this clash is an instant classic! (Note: this video includes a LOT of repeated tactics, over the top selling/goofy expressions) Breakdown: Round one: Anne totally dominates, destroying Jessica’s belly with punches, knees, and a final series of solar plexus blows that knock Jessica out…leaving her with her derriere up as she goes for her victory pose! Round two: Jessica dominates, nailing multiple wall splashes to a KO, belly to back splashes, overkill splashes, and a final huge belly to belly splash for the KO and pin! Round three: the girls lock up but Anne-Marie takes charge with multiple X-Factor KOs, multiple leg drops to the throat, multiple leg drops to the back of the neck, and a final set of STEAM ROLLER KOs for the final pin and win! Round four: Jessica catches Anne’s punch attempt and nails a jab to her solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her!  She follows up with repeated punches to the face, a kick to the face KO, multiple flying knee drops to the skull, and a final pin! Round five: Anne traps Jessica in an extended sleeper for the KO, but Jessica kicks out of the pin!  Anne-Marie goes for a wall splash but misses, knocking herself flat!  An exhausted Jessica Nova slowly crawls over to Anne and nails MULTIPLE body to body splashes that slowly drain her opponent (AND Jessica) of all strength and consciousness. Jessica finally delivers a final body to body press that knocks BOTH ladies out (from pure exhaustion), leading to two sleeping bodies on the mats!

More overkill action, more Anne-Marie, YES PLEASE! So, SK gave Jessica the final in and the win, which is just another way that Anne-Marie has found to lose. Of course that is a great thing for me, with Anne being my favorite jobber, she’s supposed to lose all the time and I love how Anne always finds a way to lose her matches. Anyway, overkill, repeated attacks for repeated reactions and for all you over the top fans, like me, this is always a great series. Anne and Jessica absolutely killed the reactions here, they are both over the top selling experts and they really drive that fact home in this one. This one isn’t filled this crazy high flying, high impact moves, but some of the best you can get when it comes to selling. Also, I am a big fan of both outfits, with exposed belly, boots and kneepads. So, the overkills that where totally squashes are favs, but this one is awesome and is easily one of the best of the series.

Overall Score: 9.5/10