Review of OVER THE TOP

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVER THE TOP – 30 mins

Filmed at Fetish-Con 2017, this awesome treat for fans of over the top KO reactions brings together two of the best in TRACY JORDAN and CATHERINE FOXX!!! These two are all set for a KO’s only match up when Sleeperkid lets them know that a fan has made a special offer for this match.  Knowing both ladies naturally fall into the realm of silly and over the top KO’s when put out, he’s offering a $5000 bonus to whichever wrestler can produce the most over the top reaction. What follows is a cornucopia of eye rolling, tongue protrusion, prolonged KO’s as each lady allows herself to be knocked out by the other as they work to earn that bonus through six rounds of KO tactics.  After each KO the ladies check their opponent’s limbs and eyes to ensure they are truly out and after the number of truly brutal clips included in this update, the fun and playful vibe of this match is just wonderful.  The rounds are broken down as follows: Round 1: Nerve Pinch KO Round 2: Sleeperhold KO Round 3: Multiple Splashes to KO Round 4: Black Jack KO Round 5: Rope Strangle KO Going into Round 6, this contest has just been too close to call and in an attempt to determine a clear winner, Sleeperkid introduces a can of aerosol Sleepy Spray that serves as an incredible finale as both ladies succumb after a prolonged over the top reaction. After performances like this though, there is just no way to single one lady out and Sleeperkid decides Tracy and Catherine can split the bonus, news they will be glad to hear….whenever they actually wake up!

This is a clip that is a simple must see for over the top fans, like me. Tracy and Catherine have been natural over the top sellers for as long as can remember, so this kind of vid was just something that needed to happen, having them both in one room at the same time. This is also a great vid for those of you that don’t like every over the top selling aspect as this one has no drooling and no twitching. It is a ton of fun to watch Tracy and Catherine giving it there all to sell so silly and I really do think they are very even as far as their reaction are concerned. I feel that Catherine does a better with the tongue protrusion, as she can really hang it out, while Tracy is better at the eye crossing/rolling, but neither of them are lacking in either department. So it is pretty hard for even me to call a winner, but if push came to shove, I’d probably have to give it to Tracy, but only just. Either way, this is a kick ass vid, it’s light hearted and fun, not too much story or anything, just two kick ass ladies selling their asses off and giving is great OTT reactions.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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