Review of OVER THE TOP 3

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVER THE TOP 3 – 30 mins

Jessica Nicole and Miriya know just how much you love the way they sell their knock outs and wrestling distress, so they’ve decided to do an over the top ‘selling’ bout for you! Jessica explains that they’ve fashioned it in a contest style. They will both take turns applying an assortment of holds/tactics and following a knock out, they will switch. When pondering how exactly to start their match, Jessica Nicole has an epiphany and yells, “SLEEPER!”, grabs Miriya, and slaps on that exact hold. Miriya, true to her word, sells the hell out of it and very slowly goes out. When she comes to, she happily trades places and gives Jessica Nicole a chance to show off her skills. This match is light hearted and friendly as the girls are truly enjoying selling each and every hold. They hold back nothing as they go through every knock out, taking their time and relishing in the journey to unconsciousness. When we reach the last two tactics, Jessica and Miriya decide to ‘double it up’, using a double reverse head scissors for one knock out and ending this epic clip with a double taser KO. The taser, smashed between their bodies, sends them both convulsing into sleepy oblivion.

Another addition to a series that is an obvious favorite for me and again we have two amazing ladies that are extremely fit for a video like this. Both Jessica Nicole and Miriya are well known for their top of the line theatrics when selling OTT roles. So of course this video just lets them have at it and go nuts, which they did. All the over to top reactions we know and love from the ladies is plentiful here. As the description explains this isn’t really a match but more of a contest as they try to outsell each other. So they willingly submit to the KO moves and holds and do their best to sell the hell out it. This makes the overall vid more light hearted and silly them if they were try on to beat each other in a match. Overall, this title sums this video up nicely, if you like OTT KOs and know anything about these two excellent jobbers, then you know what you’ll get purchasing this video.

Overall score: 9.5