Review of OVER THE TOP 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldOVER THE TOP 2 – 25 mins

Tracy Jordon announces to the audience that instead of a straight wrestling match that Kayla was hoping for, she wants to have an over the top, knock outs match. Kayla has been working out and training and was looking forward to some traditional grappling and doesn’t get the concept of the more fetishy, Over the Top, KO contest. As she is complaining about this, Tracy sneaks behind her and administers a painful, trapezoid nerve pinch that leaves Kayla in a twitching, tongue protruding heap on the mat. After Tracy wakes up the rookie, this video lives up to its title as each girl takes turns wiping the floor with the other with an array of truly excessive – completely unnecessary – KOs that fans of over the top action have come to know and love. This particular episode is highlighted by a wonderful, double-taser KO that leads both girls to a convulsive, drooling KO’d state. SK also manages to get into the action as well, with a surprise match ending, POV KO that earns both girls a “tie” as we fade out on their prone, unconscious, bikini-clad bodies. This may be the new “best of the best” in the wild Over the Top Series. Check it out!

An SKW series that is literally named after the style of videos I love the most and it also stars two favorites that just so happen to be amazing at over the top selling. As you can imagine, all the KO are purposely and excessively over the top. Tracy and Kayla of course sell amazing, and they also have some great dialog, that is good for a laugh or two along the way. Kayla is my personal favorite out of the two lovely ladies, but that’s just my bias opinion, both ladies are truly great at selling vids like this and looks stunning too. The best KO though, as mentioned above, is the double tazer KO. It’s was a great KO because it has all the OTT aspects, it’s a double KO and it’s just silly. All the KOs are really just silly, but that one takes that cake pretty easily. I love the idea behind this series, because it is just a chance to let the girls sells as OTT as the can and I will stand behind any video series that encourages the ladies to sell OTT KOs. We definitely have some local girls that would give Tracy and Kayla a run for their money. Let’s hope we see that coming soon to SKW.

Overall Score: 9.9/10

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