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Review of LadysnotworkingONE NIGHT, TWO WOMEN, AND… – 24 Mins

Rubi hits her best friend until she knocked, without imagining that a stranger would come to teach her how to punch the belly seriously. Leaving the two friends one above the other completely destroyed and knocked out at the bed.

Here’s a store that I literally know nothing about, they don’t even seem to be making vids any more, but grabbed a few of their vids, from their small collection some time ago off a fan suggestion, I think, I really don’t remember how I found this store. Anyway their gimmick is belly punching, stomping and squeezing on a totally out cold girl, so basically ragdoll belly punishment. You know when it’s ragdoll anything, I got to at least check it out. This vid is with two chicks and a man in a mask. Girl one, Rubi, comes home, wakes up girl two, (who never gets a name) for an argument. One that turns into a fight. By the way, they don’t speak English, but only real talking is during this argument. Rubi chokes out girl two, once she’s out cold, Rubi ragdolls her while punching her in the belly a bunch along the way. In comes the man in the mask, who sneaks up on Rubi and chokes her out, and lays her on top of girl two from more belly punishment and ragdolling. I like the way they react to the belly punches, curling up just a bit and giving a good groan to each punch. All the action is focused on Rubi for a while until girl two wakes up. Her and the masked man team up and torture Rubi, who’s still out cold. The team doesn’t last too long as the mask man turns on girl two, punching her out. There’s a little more punching and stomping with both ladies stacked on top of each other again before the masked man makes is great escape. It’s not the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, but with the ragdolling, sexy bellies and not bad unconscious reactions, I’m actually pretty glad I picked this one up.

Overall Score: 8.5/10