Review of One Mistress Beaten by Two Slaves

Review of DefeatedOne Mistress Beaten by Two Slaves – 15 mins

Talia is so much stronger then Stella, that she has beaten Stella so badly that Stella has agreed to become her slave, where she will wait at Talia’s feet for her every beck and call. This video opens with Talia harshly and repeatedly reminding Stella just how much stronger than her and how she won’t hesitate to beat her down again if she ever disobeys her. Stella kneels beside her, clearly upset with her situation, but nodding in agreement as Talia verbally berates her. Then suddenly, from out of nowhere, Thea enters and encourages Stella to fight, saying that together they can beat Talia. Stella resists at first, but then springs to her feet and both she and Thea face Talia, ready to fight. Talia jumps to her feet as well, still talking about how much stronger she is. Talia is able to back her words up as she uses face and belly punches to beat both Stella and Thea back, but these ladies aren’t going to just give up, they both get knocked down, but get back up. It’s starting to look like it was bad idea to try and fight Talia, when a suddenly leg sweep from Stella knocks down Talia and Stella quickly straddles Talia pinning her to the mats making it easy to deliver punches to Talia unprotected belly. Thea quickly comes over to help, putting her foot on Talia’s chest assisting Stella in holding her down. After some belly punishment down on the mats, Thea picks Talia up and holds her arms behind her back allowing Stella to freely knee and kick Talia in the mid-section. Talia crumbles to the mat holding her belly in pain and the ladies pre maturely celebrate their victory. As they congratulate each other, they fail to notice Talia making her way back to her feet and she catches Stella with an uppercut, dropping her to the mats. Before Thea can do anything she finds herself locked in Talia’s sleeperhold. Thea looks to be in a lot of trouble when a belly punch from Stella down on the mats saves the day. Talia drops to her knees and Thea falls back into Talia’s chair, gasping for air. Stella presses her advantage locking in a sleeper of her own. This gives Thea the time to recover and as soon as she does she back into the fight helping Stella dominate Talia. Together they do some more belly punching before moving onto some creative tag team submission holds, like a camel clutch/headscissors, a headscissors/side body scissors, with a HOM smoother and hair pulling and a final sleeper hold/body scissors that finally saps the last bit of life from the mistress Talia. Thea and Stella make sure to verbally abuse Talia as they dominate her all the way to their victory pose, where the former mistress now lays under their feet. Not so tough now are you Talia?

More Defeated action coming at ya, and here is one where the poor slaves fight the powers that be and win, unlike in Stella Gets Delivered, where things didn’t go so will for their attempted rebellion. Although I used Stella’s last vid as a reference, this one is in no way related to that storyline. The only thing they share is that this is two slaves trying to take down their mistress and set themselves free. What we get out of this one is actually a fist fight mostly. Stella and Thea throw hands with Talia and at first to looks like Talia is going to be too strong for them, as she does a good job holding her own vs two girls, but Stella and Thea keep getting back up after being knocked down, trying again and again to take Talia down and after a while the numbers game starts to be too much for Talia and the girls press their advantage. That’s when it turns in to more of a wrestling match. Stella and Thea start using submission holds and working together to finally put Talia out cold. Some really great, unique tag team moves get used here, which were quite impressive. I liked the way this fight progressed, with the slaves really having a hard fight on their hands, but once they got control over Talia they made sure to finish her off. I also really liked the fact that they all had shoes on. It’s it nice to see some footwear coming to Defeated more often, so every match doesn’t have to be barefooted. I know that foot fetish is a part of their branding, it’s just nice to have options is all. Anyway, all the girls did great, they look great and this was a cool idea for a video, especially coming off the Stella Gets Delivered video.

Overall Score: 9/10