Review of Once You Go Black Part 3

Review of Velvets FantasiesOnce You Go Black Part 3 – 17 Mins

oygbThree beautiful agents (Jacquelyn Velvets, Cynder, and Luna) are tasked to repeatedly take each other down via a virtual reality training program, an order they obey with gusto. Throughout multiple scenes, the catsuit-clad beauties use their handguns to bring their opponents down, watching as they writhe and groan… enjoying the arching of backs and bucking of hips as their prey finally beg to be finished off, an act that always comes with great satisfaction. Each lady takes turns winning and losing… terminating their foes and tasting the most final of defeats, even going so far as waiting for one to strike in order to be the last woman standing. A final POV attack from the boss ends the VR program, but not before you’ve seen all three lethal assassins give some truly epic performances, both as assassins… and the sexiest of targets.

Some more super sexy, spy vs spy action for Velvets Fantasies with this addition to the Once You Go Black series. And what a great line up of talented, sexy ladies, in black skin tight suits we get with this one. This one plays out a little different than the others from the series as the deaths aren’t as instant. There’s a lot more writhing with some added begging/mocking. I feel it worked out very well with all three ladies performing excellently. I believe every scene had at least two of the three ladies being taken out and the other’s had all three. It made for some nice body piles and I do love the short lived victories with one of the spies very proud of herself for taking out her rival, only to be surprised by the other spy and being taken down herself. In my opinion, this is the best one in the series, due to the stunning cast and their flawless performances.

Overall score: 9.5/10