Review of Once You Go Black… Part 2

Review of Velvets Fantasies Once You Go Black… Part 2 – 13 Mins

blackWe fade in on four deadly clone assassins on a mission to infiltrate a house. Their goal: to take down whomever and whatever stands in their way of the prized files that are hidden somewhere in the house. To find it, each clone will have her chance at taking down her fellow assassin by sneak attacks, barrages, and stick ups all ending in cold blooded massacres. In the end it’s Velvets who gets the upper hand on her fellow clone assassins by using a secret weapon: a machine gun that takes the last of the clones down for good; allowing Velvets to leave the scene victorious over a heap of sexy lifeless ladies.

Another review brought to you by request, this one from a growing series from Velvets Fantasies with a title that I love. All the ladies are dress is nice black, skin tight suits, with just enough skin showing to satisfy me, who is not the biggest fan of the bodysuit and the high heeled boots definitely help too. All the ladies take turns shooting each other down. I think they all sell their death great and I really like the “dead eyes” thing. This also reminded me that I need to see more Elsa, not playing favorites, she just really good and we don’t see her enough. They do all do a little writhing and begging before being finished off, but all the deaths are fairly quick and easy. With four girls we get plenty of scenes to give them all a chance to sell for us and sometimes they team up, only to be taken out together. I think the scenes are fun and we get some nice positions after the clones are taken down, like laid over the back of the couch or piled up at the bottom of the steps. I’m definitely a fan of this series and there is a part three that I will cover as soon as I get my hands on it.

Overall Score: 9/10