Review of Old School Squash

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingOld School Squash – 9.5 mins

Athena and Tsunami gear up to face each other in an honest to goodness, old school pro match! Taunami clad in black leggings, and black sports bra is all business, as she stares across the ring at a determined Athena Law, stand in tight cheeky booty shorts hugging her perky bottom, A black sports bra covers her chest and her legs are geared with wrestling boots and kneepads. The bell rings and this old school squash match is underway! Pay attention! As this match is a replay of an old school Col. Debeers Vs. Mike Richards, squash match! Tsunami methodically squashes Athena, grinding her down with arm wrenches and elbows! flattening her with knee drops and arm whip slams! Athena attempts to fight back, but her struggle is futile, as Tsunami mashes Athena with her boots, controlling Athena with arm locks, cornering her, using the ropes and Athena’s hair as an advantage. A steady squash proceeds before a set of pile driving face busters gives Tsunami the decisive win!

I like it when a video’s title sums up the video perfectly. This video’s title does just that, an old school squash is exactly what this is. Meaning, there’s nothing crazy or OTT about this vid. It’s just Athena coming in to a match and getting beaten up. She tries to fight back from time to time, but gets quickly countered or over powered. Taunami beats Athena from pillar to post, making sure to introduce Athena to a few turnbuckles along the way. Athena again is a great jobber and Taunami is a good heel. There isn’t really any trash talking, for those who like a quieter beatdown. There’s a nice mix of moves in this one, including a piledriver like move, where Taunami does a piledriver, but instead of dropping Athena straight down, she drops her forward so she lands on her belly. I am a huge fan of piledrivers, but I’m a bigger fan of keeping these ladies safe. So I do approve of this piledriver like move, but I’m also not fully sure if this is safer. I hope it is. Anyway, this match is one sided, obviously and ends with a pin. I was wondering when I see a pin at MMW again. It’s nice sometime to get just a good old school squash.

Overall Score: 9/10