Review of Office Secretaries Bare Fist Fight

Review of DefeatedOffice Secretaries Bare Fist Fight (Loser Leaves) – 14 mins

Julia and Alexa have been fighting in the office for a while and have finally decided to settle their feud today. The loser has to leave the office forever. They are both dressed in their sexy office clothing, miniskirts, exposed bellies with pantyhose and high heels. They both do some flexing before their fight, as we get a close look at their sexy outfits and fit bodies. Then the fight is on. It starts out as a hair pulling, crotch grabbing catfight, but soon turns into a back and forth bare fist fight with sexy spanking and humiliating submissions. Skirts get pulled up, exposing their thongs and they force each other into humiliating positions for better spanking. Both Julia and Alexa each gain a single submission over each other before Julia finally takes total control and KOs Alexa with a punch to the jaw. Julia takes plenty of time to pose and flex over her KO’d foe, basking in her hard earned victory.

More Defeated action coming your way and right off the bat this one I’m giving this one two thumbs up, not only do we get some really sexy outfits that are a great change a pace, the fighting style is also different. This isn’t a wrestling match, but part catfight, part fistfight. There’s hair pulling and spanking as well as plenty of humiliation, but then there’s just some toe to toe fist fighting as well as other hard punches, that ends with one girl KO’d and slowly sliding down a glass door with her face smearing the glass. And how often do we get fights with high heels, if there is one thing I love more than converse boots, or converse anything is sexy high heels. It’s so unpractical to see two ladies standing and doing battle in high heels, so this is a super sweet treat for me. Also, look at these two super sexy and fit ladies, not only could they be sisters, but they have got to be some of the hottest girls in fantasy female combat. So the exposed bellies and thongs is another huge plus. This is more exciting expansions of what we can expect to see from Defeated down the road and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with and more vids like this too.

Overall Score: 9.5/10