Review of Off-Duty Lifeguard

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Review of Girls Getting SleepyOff-Duty Lifeguard – 12.5 mins

Victoria is so exhausted from her day of life-guarding little kids at the pool, she asks her boyfriend for a back rub. He agrees so she strips off her clothes down to her bathing suit and lays on the floor. Victoria is so tired from a long day of work, she falls asleep before the massage actually starts. She is in such a deep sleep that she doesn’t wake up when her boyfriend touches or moves her. He’s always wanted to play with Victoria’s limp body, and has had fantasies of preforming CPR on a hot damsel in distress. Now he’s finally got the opportunity to live out his erotic dreams.

Back with some so more GGS reviews, and unsurprisingly, it another one that stars Victoria. This one is a little different than most GGS vids, as Victoria just falls asleep and is so out cold she doesn’t wake up while being played with and this one had a little CPR action, which is definitely new for GGS. The limp play part is totally normal from GGS, lots of foot shots and playing with her hands and face. The CPR section is pretty cool to see, some really close shots of Victoria’s face, so wide open mouth shots and some deep/heavy breathing which is done really well. Overall, it’s nothing too unusual for GGS and Victoria is still the best person they got. Although I hear GGS is under new management and Victoria may not be around anymore. I sure hope that’s not the case but if it is that would be a terrible mistake in my opinion.

Overall Score: 8.5/10