Review of NOVA vs VELVETS

Review of Sleeperkid’s World NOVA vs VELVETS – 11 mins

We open up on JACQUELYN VELVETS, looking absolutely delectable in a pink bikini and matching boots, as she relates to the fans that she’s a bit unhappy about what happened a while back when her friend Ivy Sloan took on the visiting JESSICA NOVA.  She thinks Jessica didn’t fight fair and would like to have a chance to get even for Ivy. Unfortunately for Miss Jackie, Jessica is listening in and sneaks up behind our blonde beauty to clamp on a sleeper! She struggles but Jessica has the hold locked in perfectly and soon those pretty eyes are rolling back and she drops to the mat in a daze. Jessica, in a lovely bikini of her own and a pair of well-worn Converse, proceeds to destroy Jacquelyn in an utter squash match that contains not only multiple KOs but also plenty of humiliation for Miss Jackie as Jessica mocks her throughout the fight and repeatedly makes her verbally admit who the stronger wrester is.  When the end mercifully comes, it’s from a unique body scissors variation that crushes what little fight there is left in Jacquelyn’s body and has the fog of sleep rolling in on the pretty blonde.  As a final touch of dominance, Jessica uses Jacquelyn’s own limp arm to help score a ten count pin before planting those dirty Converse on her belly and taking a victory pose! Your Winner: JESSICA NOVA

A nice little throw back here from SKW featuring a beautiful Jacquelyn Velvets squash. I say throw back, because this video wasn’t shot recently, but it’s not really that old. Anyways, I just love a nice dose of Jacquelyn the jobber. I love that she’s in a pink bikini and boots, I love her overall selling and of course those amazing white eyes before every KO. I also like the moves Jessica used, nothing too crazy, but some nice unique moves mixed in. That last suspended scissor hold was the best of all. The dirty shoes humiliation was also good for me, more because of my obsession for girls in converse, then the shoes being dirty. Also some nice trash talking from Jessica as well, definitely not too much and some good insults too.  Overall, Miss Velvets getting squashed is always something I look forward to seeing, but the bikini, boots and converse humiliation definitely make this one even better.

Overall score: 9/10