Review of Not Welcome Here

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNot Welcome Here – 14.5 Mins

goldieOur video begins with Becca entering the dressing room talking about the new visitor, Goldie Blair. Our wrestling star thinks the woman is a fake wrestler who doesn’t belong at FWR and proceeds to spike Goldie’s water! We cut to Goldie, entering the studio where she’s jumped by Becca, punched in the belly and thrown against the wall. Becca beats her down with more belly punches and says, “Welcome to FWR! See you in the ring later!” We cut again to the actual match where Goldie takes a big drink of her spiked water and immediately gets too dizzy to fight back against Becca! The remainder of this match has Becca totally destroying Goldie with belly punches and a few face punches. After this one sided beat down we hope Goldie will want to return for a rematch!

The legendary Goldie Blair making her FWR debut, gets totally squashed destroyed, as should happen to everyone on their debut, in my opinion. I always like the idea of drugging your opponent and beating them while they’re dazed and helpless. Which is what happens here, although I don’t think Becca even needed to drug her, as when she jumped her from behind she easily beat Goldie down, but I guess better to be safe than sorry. This one focuses mainly on belly punishment, with punches and knees, a little more heavily then I’d like, being more of a face punching fan myself, but there were a few face punches added in as well. It all ends well, once Goldie is finally down on the mats I really enjoyed the belly punishment down there where Goldie is really tired and out of it. Then Becca gives Goldie one more belly stomp after the pin and leaves her writhing in pain. Not a bad welcome to FWR for Goldie.

Overall Score: 8.5/10