Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldNOT SO INVISIBLE – 26 mins

Sumiko and Anne-Marie are together again and this time in the ring. Sleeperkid chats with them a bit about a previous invisible opponent match they’ve had in which both ladies agree it was definitely a fun experience. Before they know it, they’re in “character”, looking to impress their fans with a tag team jobber/invisible performance.  Their heads are suddenly bonked together by the ghostly heel and they drop like stones.  The ladies mime everything perfectly, including a double suplex KO (while Sumiko expertly narrates).  Anne-Marie is stomped and worked over in a corner.  A blow to the face leaves her KO’ed and dangling as the “Invisible” tosses Sumiko into another corner and works her belly over.  This is when SKW champ SAPPHIRE walks in, wondering just what the hell is going on as she stifles a smile.  Sumiko is knocked cold by an invisible blow to the face and drops.  She narrates as the “heel” piles her on top of Anne-Marie.  They don’t notice Sapphire sneaking in and posing over them as her smile widens. She suddenly grasps their hair and yanks them up, asking what they could possibly be doing. When she hears about their ‘invisible match’ she offers to make it a real match, body splashing them into oblivion where they end up in a heap in the middle of the ring. Sapphire continues for most of the duration entirely dominating Sumiko and Anne-Marie with a vast array of pro holds and tactics. After a final humiliating leash/collar strangulation KO, Sapphire moves on to gloating and talking about her position as SKW’s reigning champion. While she’s discussing a lack of eligible challengers she is caught unawares by Merica Strong who has climbed soundlessly into the ring! It’s a matter of minutes before America has issued her very own challenge to Sapphire (right before KNOCKING HER OUT COLD with the championship belt!!!), who has been added to the pile of SKW wrestlers in the middle of the ring.

Anne-Marie and Sumiko get squashed together again, I mean it just doesn’t get better then when your two favorite jobbers work together and again they are in this ring that SK found. I like the ring, hope they get the chance to rent the place again for more crazy action like this. So, this is a really great story, Anne and Sumiko plan to do their invisible heel thing again, like they did in TWO versus THE INVISIBLE, but this time in the ring. Things start out just fine, but soon Sapphire strolls in and is just flabbergasted at what’s going on in the ring. Sapphire, who let’s face it, makes the vids even better being an awesome heel, waits for her moment, mocking the two lovely jobbers before she strikes at just the right moment, offering to give the girls are real beatdown instead of them acting out an imaginary one. And of course what follows is another amazing 1 on 2 beatdown. Great power moves, tons of KOs and all sold to perfection by SKW’s literal best jobber tag team ever. There’s a great finisher, that also mocks the invisible heel idea and then Sapphire gets surprise visit in a bonus scene. But plain and simply you just can’t go wrong putting Sumiko and Anne in the same vid, no matter what role they are playing, but best when they are both getting crushed.

Overall Score: 9.9/10