Review of Not Ready to Wrestle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNot Ready to Wrestle – 18.5 mins

Peyton returns in her role of the innocent young rookie who is called before the boss because the FWR rules state she must accept matches with anyone who challenges her. Unfortunately, that girl is Madison who enjoyed beating her up so much last time (see “Peyton Needs a Match”) that she wants to do it again! Peyton protests that she’s not ready to wrestle but the boss tells her she has no choice. The match begins and it’s obvious that Madison’s main target is going to be Peyton’s exposed belly. The poor brunette is worked over in the corner, on the ropes, and on the mat in wrestling holds with Madison’s main focus being on hard belly punches. Peyton gets knocked out several times throughout the beat down only to be awakened for more punishment. In the end, Peyton is knocked out and stripped of her tight jeans as Madison poses victorious over her. You’ll love this one-sided match!

It super cool to see an FWR classic remade like this, it feels so much like the original video you almost feel like you’re watching the original, but this one has a few new features, like even though Madison’s main target is Peyton’s belly, I feel like this one isn’t as belly punishment focused as the first one. Madison does a great job finding a way to add some belly punishment into the greater majority of her holds, but also there’s enough good holds and moves to make it seem like it’s not always about belly punishment. A few other things, Peyton starts with her shoes on for a little while, which is a small change that I liked, there’s no boxing in this one, so there for these more wrestling and submission holds this time, but we still get the KOs, the stripping and that super cute/nervous Peyton at the beginning. This video does an excellent job capturing the felling and flow of the first one and adds enough changes to make it worth seeing again. Also, it’s always great to see Peyton getting crushed.

Overall Score: 9/10