Review of Not In My League

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNot In My League – 10.5

The storyline to this fun custom video is simple. Peyton meets Madison in the ring and gets laughed at by the more muscular wrestler. But Peyton is confident and tells Madison that even though she’s smaller she can still knock her out! The fight begins and Peyton uses her speed and agility to duck Madison’s punches and answer with kicks to her thighs! A hard kick to the head drops Madison and Peyton moves in for the kill … but gets a low blow and hard uppercut in return that stops her in her tracks! Madison then dominates poor Peyton for the remainder of the match using mounted face punches, a figure four leg lock, an over the knee back breaker, a back bending leg lock, and a very painful torture rack. Peyton begs for mercy and constantly tries to submit but Madison reminds her that this is a knockouts only match. Peyton finally passes out from the horrible pain of the torture rack and Madison takes the victory, telling the unconscious girl that she’s not in Madison’s league!

“Nice try little Peyton”, that’s what I like to call this one, just as you might think Peyton is going to pull the upset, a low blow literally shatters her dreams and she gets destroyed by Madison in great fashion. Peyton has got to be my #2 favorite jobber at FWR, although she’s closely followed by Madison, so really no matter what happened in this match I would have been happy with the outcome. I do really like Peyton’s outfit, although the short tank top is a simple thing to change from just a bikini, it is a simple change I really like. Madison gets to show her strength here as she just woman-handles Peyton with ease and Peyton sells it all extremely well. The slow pain KO at the end is nice to see as something like that isn’t normally the end of a match and it’s always nice to have time for a couple of good victory poses. Peyton squashes are right up there with Becca squashes for me, so I absolutely loved this one.

Overall Score: 9.5/10