Review of Not a Playground!

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNot a Playground! – 15.5 mins

While Madison enjoys a little quiet time in the dressing room, Scarlett (thinking no one is there) sneaks her friend Persephone into the studio to show her where she’s been doing her wrestling videos. The girls jump in the ring and begin play fighting with squeals and giggles that Madison quickly hears in the dressing room.  Madison strips out of her jump suit to reveal her black wrestling gear and angrily attacks the girls in the ring! “This is not a playground!” she yells, while tearing into the two girls. Madison then dominates both girls with double holds, knocking them out and stripping them down to their bikinis. Several painful double leg locks are applied as Scarlett and Persephone scream in agony! In the end, Madison knocks them out and piles them in the ring for a quick victory pose. You’ll love this video … and our newest wrestler Persephone!

More new blood at FWR and this one has really peaked my interest. As you guys know, I love the little tiny girls and Persephone coming in at just 5 feet tall, definitely fits the bill. I also love 1 on 2 squashes, as my favorite phrase “two jobbers are better than one” is bases off of. And I was already pretty impressed with Scarlett from her introduction match versus Kat. So this one was already off to a good start before I even watched the video. Now that I have watched it, I can say that Persephone is definitely going to be someone that I will be paying close attention too. She looks great and does some really nice selling in this vid, so good actually makes me wonder if she’s ever done something like this before and if she hasn’t, well, we are going to be in for some really great videos from her coming really soon. I think Scarlett does very well again too, and she does have a look that I really like. I also love this video’s story, with Madison pretty much play “the grumpy old woman” who gets mad at these young whippersnappers for making all that racket, but of course in a FWR kind of style were Madison goes out there and literally silences them. Madison uses some pretty nice double moves, The Double Indian Deathlock and the final double leghook pin being my favorites. Again, I think Persephone and Scarlett are two wonderful additions to the FWR roster and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for their upcoming videos.

Overall Score: 9.5/10