Review of No No For Coco

Review of Velvets FantasiesNo No For Coco – 36 mins

The beautiful Coco arrives to a photographer’s home studio only to become the unwitting prey to a sleepy-obsessed tormentor.  He sneaks a powerful sedative into a drink and the session begins.  Clad in sexy black lingerie, Coco does her best to put on a show, but the drug strips her of her consciousness.  She awakens but the photographer convinces her to continue the session, leading to some sleepy/sexy poses from Coco until a second dose of sleepy serum (this time delivered via syringe) puts her out yet again.  Coco attempts an escape after coming to, but her captor repeatedly sends her back to Dreamland…leading to some beautiful rag dolling and a final hypnosis induction that keeps Coco forever in his control!  He allows her to get dressed just so he can test a “faint” command, leaving her stripped down yet again as the screen fades to black!

Aw man… Coco and Velvets Fantasies with even more sleepy/limp play action for us. Can I just put the obvious 10/10 on this one and move on the next one, because I think it’s pretty clear at this point. Coco knows how to play the sleepy, damsel in destress, limp play thing and she does it all too well, and Jackie knows how to capture, direct, edit and all the jazz to bring us these incredible productions. I mean if you still need me to tell you to grab any JVF vid starring Coco, then you need to wake up and smell the coco, because you’ve been missing out on some of the best Velvets videos to date. Alright, alright, I’ll give you a few of my thoughts on this one, but only because I can see the comments now… So, in this one, Coco gets drugged while talking about the last time she had a shoot, the photographer drugged her and took advantage of her, that was good for a laugh. There is a very, very, very nice focus on the lovely derriere of Coco, lots of Darri-air poses, hanging her over the couch and just getting good look at it, even when she’s just watching her walk down the hall and she’s wearing a thong for most of it, so that’s definitely a plus. She starts out with some nice heels on, but they were just about as soon as she goes limp, which was a little too soon, in my opinion. And of course Coco’s acting, selling, being dazed or completely limp is all pure perfection. It’s a simple story with all the sleepy action we love and I just cannot get enough Coco in my life at this moment, pretty sure it’s safe to call it an obsession, and if you’re not obsessed with her too, then you’re doing it wrong. Wake up and… oh I did that joke already, just… just go get this video…

Overall Score: 10/10