Review of No Mercy

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Review of Kayla ObeyNo Mercy – 5 mins

Kayla gets home and begins undressing, she hears a noise and pauses, but it seems to be nothing so she removes her blouse and is only in a skimpy thong, bra and sneakers. Suddenly she’s punched hard in the belly. She’s hit more in the belly, crotch, and tits. She begs for mercy but her invisible attacker doesn’t let up. She can’t even fight back. She ends up on the floor and tries to crawl away but is yanked up by her hair and slammed back against the wall. Her belly is pummeled some more, and you can see it flex with each impact. Her breasts are hit and squeezed as she begs for it to please stop. She can’t believe he’d hit her in the crotch, what a pervert. Invisible hands are wrapped around her throat and she’s pulled in close and forced to kiss him. After several more hits to the belly, she pleads that her belly can’t take anymore and the attacker begins to fondle her. She suffers a couple kicks to the crotch that bring her to her knees. Looking up, she begs that she will do anything he asks, suck his dick and even swallow his cum, but to please stop, she’s dazed and weak now. She’s slapped across the face twice before being demanded to remove her bra. She is compliant, gets up, and kisses him more. She’s punched in the gut and moans how it’s too much, and to stop putting his finger in her bellybutton. The hands wrap around again and her eyes roll back, tongue sticks out, as she slides down to the floor, completely out. 

This sweet Kayla Obey video comes with a really cool surprise, with some topless Kayla action near the end and some transparent panties. It has been a long time since we have seen some nudity from Kayla and I won’t deny that I am really happy to see the nudity option come back to Kayla’s repertoire. Not that she needs it, because her videos have been excellent, but this definitely won’t hurt. This video is a great way to reintroduce it too, as the video isn’t focused on Kayla losing her top, but fits it in the progression of the story in a way that makes perfect sense. I love this video, as poor Kayla is again attacked by some invisible foe, groped, humiliated and eventually KO’d. I really like the begging in this vid with Kayla looking up at the camera, with that pleading look in her eye, offering anything to make it stop. And I also love this outfit and lack thereof, of course mainly because she’s got see through panties and converse sneakers on, but she does look excellent, as always. It’s always crazy how much Kayla can jam into her short clips. This one is packed with greatness and it feels somehow just right at only 5 mins. I don’t think you could drag this out much longer without it getting to repetitive. So again Kayla impresses me on so many levels and look forward to what the creative minds out there will do with the returning nudity option for Kayla to do for us.

Overall Score: 9/10