Review of No Match for Ryan

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNo Match for Ryan – 9 mins

The lovely Ryan joined us recently and in her first custom match she was met in the ring by Violet and her friend, Erin. After a cute little dialogue where Violet stands close to Ryan to show her “game face” and Erin challenges Ryan to a “handful match” (meaning handicap match), the match is on. Ryan easily dominates Violet who obviously knows nothing about wrestling. The poor girl is head locked, put in a full nelson, a standing head scissor, and a leglock/surfboard hold. Ryan taunts both girls and even allows Violet to try and tag Erin in, but the long-haired beauty is too afraid to enter the ring. Ryan finally gets a screaming submission from Violet with a stump puller and takes an easy victory. Erin climbs in the ring to help her friend up, thinking that the match is over but Ryan informs her that it’s a best two out of three falls match! Erin tries to attack Ryan when her back is turned but realizes what a bad idea that was when Ryan quickly turns the tables with a snap mare! Erin finds herself in a body scissors and full nelson hold as she cries out “You’re hurting me!” Ryan laughs it off and traps the girl’s arms in the ring ropes to punch and knee her in the belly. Ryan forces Violet to enter the ring and count her friend out then brings this handicap match to an end by knocking out Violet with a dragon sleeper to take her victory pose over the piled-up cuties.

I’m glad Rick mentioned the cute little dialog that opens this video, because it really did set the tone for this match up. With Violet doing her best to look and act tough, while Erin whispers advice in her ear, all while Ryan nonchalantly tries to warn them that they are not ready to face her, even correcting Erin on her “handful” match challenge. I really loved that brief encounter, it was great for a laugh and as I said, it totally sets the mood for the match, which, as Ryan predicated was a total squash. Ryan easily handles both rookies, without the slightest challenge. I am one who’s always down for a squash match. Ryan does a great handful of nice submission holds that take just about no time to make both ladies submit. This match has only has one KO which is Violet at the end, Erin is clearly defeated, but isn’t ever KO’d. Violet has been another of the stand out rookies for me, as her big eyes are great for when see gets KO’d, so I was happy that the only KO was her. This is also our first look at Erin, a great looking gal, long legged and slender, definitely going to have to keep an eye on her and she how she does gets settled in at FWR. Really they both are and I look forward to hopefully seeing plenty of them both.

Overall Score: 8.5/10