Review of No Injuries Allowed

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNo Injuries Allowed – 21 mins

We join Madison at ringside, impatiently waiting for Becca to arrive for their wrestling match. When the blond finally arrives she’s limping and tells Madison that she can’t wrestle. But Madison wants to wrestle and attacks her prey, stripping her out of her street clothes and throwing her into the ring. What follows is a one sided beating that focuses on Becca’s ankle and foot injury! The poor girl screams as Madison applies ankle locks, a figure four leglock with an ankle and toe attack, boot stomps and grinding on Becca’s bare feet, and a step over toe hold that is so painful that the girl passes out! After removing the ankle wrap from Becca’s foot Madison finishes her off by choking her with the bandage!

It’s a Becca, so you should know where this review is heading, not only that, but this one focuses on a pre-existing injury that Madison uses to torture poor Becca. I really liked that idea, we’ve seen situations like this plenty of times in pro wrestling and it is great to see it here. I also found myself paying a little more attention to the heel role than usual and I have to give Madison a lot of credit for always have the right expressions on her face. Either she was trying to brake poor Becca’s foot off, or laughing at Becca’s pain, both worked great in this video. And also always Becca is just such a magnificent jobber, there’s really nothing else I need to say about her. If you haven’t figured out why I love Becca squashes so much at this point, you really need to wake up and smell the roses. I loved this video, great story idea, great selling by both Becca and Madison and a great one sided beating that has a few great KOs and end with an awesome victory pose.

Overall Score: 9.9/10