Review of No Help for Persephone

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsNo Help for Persephone – 28.5 mins

This great custom video was scripted by a fan of our boxing and eye rolling knockouts videos … with an added request for lots of twitching after knockouts. If you’ve been following the series called “Peyton Proves Herself” you’ll know that the brunette has been mercilessly beating poor Becca up over and over again. Persephone has heard about Peyton’s brutality and doesn’t want to appear scared about her upcoming boxing match so she enlists the aid of Madison to be the referee who will step in to hopefully keep Persephone safe. Well, as you may know, this doesn’t happen! Peyton toys with the cute little Persephone and beats her senseless with the boxing gloves. Early in the match she knocks the little girl out and makes Madison count her out. But Peyton isn’t happy with the short match and tries to attack Persephone some more. Madison tries to stop her but gets pummeled by Peyton’s fast punches! The remainder of this great match features both Persephone and Madison being destroyed in a head spinning, hair flying, eye rolling, tongue out, twitching knockout boxing beat down! Things get especially silly near the end as Peyton pounds away on both girls with a spinning double fisted face blaster and a final double uppercut that sends out beauties flying! A final body pile is left under Peyton’s boot for her sweet victory!

This great custom video was scripted by ME! A fact that apparently wasn’t too hard to guess as a few of you have already asked me if it was my custom, to which I proudly said yes! And as I’ve said in the past, not only do I feel like FWR does some of the best silly videos, but I’ve also stated that I love the “Peyton Proves Herself” series and wanted to do one with my own spin on it, and of course that spin is, more twitching, well more OTT really, that and adding a Madison as the ref who Persephone would hope to be strong enough to save her when Peyton tries to give her “the Becca treatment”, but of course Peyton is pretty much super human and has no problems handling Madison as well as Persephone. I left this script pretty light on the details, looking to get some of Rick’s keen eye for boxing silliness and I got it. Rick added just the kind of ridiculous things that I was looking for and couldn’t have ever thought of on my own. Things like Persephone agreeing to take boxing lessons from Peyton mid match, Madison being so out of it that she tries asking Persephone’s butt if she was OK, Persephone being so out of it that she forgot that the match was not only started, but was over with and challenges Peyton to match, this “spinning double fisted face blaster” thing, even the name of that move makes me laugh and plenty more silliness too. I really love the things that Rick added, making this custom very silly and over the top, exactly like I hoped it would be. Everyone really did a great job making this custom from me, Peyton did some great trash talking and seemed to have so much fun dominating Persephone and Madison. Persephone did awesome getting knocked around and out and just being silly and Madison was the perfect jobber, even though, thanks to some outtakes I know that she kept forgetting to twitch for the KOs, but Rick was on top of things making sure everything came out perfect in the final vid. Obviously I am super happy with my custom and you better believe I’ll be asking Rick for more ridiculous silliness as soon as possible.

Overall Score: 11/10