Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldNO GLOVE LOST – 16 Mins

JinxWe at SKW don’t do a LOT of boxing battles, but when we do… we go ALL OUT.  Sumiko and Jinx go toe to toe in this 7 round battle, replete with back and forth boxing action, jabs, gut shots, rights, lefts, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and TONS of near-KOs! The action starts off with both ladies taking some serious blows… both equal in dispensing the attacks for the first few rounds, but the tables start to turn and Sumiko gains control, torturing Jinx with a barrage of blows.  Jinx manages to get saved by the bell a few times, but the last two rounds become Sumiko’s to play with.  She devastates Jinx with a final set of knockouts that leave the stunned fighter limp on the mats.  A final count ends it, and Sumiko celebrates with a long straddle victory pose!

A regular boxing match, that isn’t a highlight reel, from SKW comes once every blue moon, but as he said, at least when they do, they go all out. I got to agree with him there. Sumiko and Jinx put on a hell of a show for us and they went through my “favorite things to see in a boxing match” checklist and marked all the boxes. I got big haymaker punches, with big reeling reactions, I got plenty of knockdown, barely beating the count, punch-drunkenness, saved by the bell KOs, the last round Jinx is out of her feet unable to fight back and a great spit reaction, that totally sprays the camera, from a big KO punch. Jinx really did an awesome job selling all of the action here, as did Sumiko for the early parts where she suffered a few knockdowns as well, but the last half, I’d say, is all Sumiko domination. I love when Sumiko actually KOs Jinx, but Jinx is saved by the bell and Sumiko has to wake her up for the next round, that’s when you know Jinx is done. Jinx looks better than ever, Sumiko look amazing as always and it’s packed the great boxing action. Makes you wonder why we don’t see this more often from SKW.

Overall Score: 9.5/10