Review of NO GLOVE LOST 4

Review of Sleeperkid’s World NO GLOVE LOST 4 – 17 mins

We fade in to the current SKW boxing champion Lia Labowe lamenting over the lack of opponents willing to face off against her since her brutal win over Jinx several months ago. As Lia continues her annoyed banter she is clueless to the fact that the sexy stunner Eden is currently creeping up behind her… gloves on and ready to rumble! It’s made clear that a ready, willing and (presumably) able opponent is on the mats when Eden taps Lia on the shoulder and follows it up with a right hook! Eden brutalizes Lia with her gloved hands mercilessly, her punches sending the dazed champ waltzing around the mats like a dazed ragdoll. Eden is even so bold as to mention how easy the bout is compared to her expectations. Face punches, belly punches and mounted domination are the tools utilized by Eden. After assaulting Lia for a while, Eden goes in for a thorough ground and pound only to have her idea thwarted when her foe is able to sneak in a left hook of her own, from beneath the mount! Eden goes flying and as she lands, realizes the tables have turned. Lia is back in control with her smirk and swagger telling it all. Eden is put through the wringer with gusto, as Lia now has a score to settle and vengeance to satisfy. The champ doesn’t take long before an uppercut KO sends Eden to the mats, out completely with her booty in the air. True to her character, though, Lia tosses away the immediate win and chooses instead to rip off her gloves to continue her dominance. She grabs the camera and tells SK in more or less words that there’s no way the fight is over… And so it came to pass. Lia unleashes all of her fury on Eden once the ‘gloves are off’, sparing no compassion as she knocks her around using belly punching and mounted tactics. When Eden is once again almost out, Lia removes HER gloves while mentioning that Eden doesn’t deserve to wear them. With Eden being too weak to stand, Lia issues a final bare knuckled ground and pound that results in the official 10 count. Lia smirks and victory poses over the beautiful boxing jobber.

It’s always nice to see boxing action from SKW. They always tend to be different from your traditional boxing match ups, a lot looser rules and multiple KOs, even if there is only one official 10 count, and this one is exactly what I’m talking about. Eden’s sneak attack gives her the early advantage and she puts quite a hurting on Lia, bit Lia just won’t say down. She gets knocked out several times, but is always awake in time to beat the count. This of course frustrates Eden who was hoping for the easy win. Lia was great at selling all the punch drunken reactions, just hanging in there and struggling to her feet, but is soon back in the driver seat as one unexpected punches nearly ends Eden’s night. From there it’s now Eden’s turn to hit the mats as Lia gets some well-deserved payback. Eden is a jobbing machine. She is still impressing me, just killing every role she gets. Eden goes lights out several times, but Lia would stop the count or just wake Eden up for more punishment, even taking her gloves off for a little extra brutality. Some bare fisted ground punches to the face, ending with a big spit take wrap this lovely comeback victory up nicely. This video shows a great look at both ladies winning and losing, but I’m really glad Eden lost in the end. She really is an excellent performer.

Overall score: 9.5/10