Review of Ninja Spy Toys with Rookie Sentry

Review of DefeatedNinja Spy Toys with Rookie Sentry – 15 mins

New comer Thea is alone in the mat room, minding her own business, when she is attacked from behind by Valerie, dressed up as a very sexy Ninja. Valerie locks on a sleeperhold, Thea struggles, but soon succumbs to the sleeper. With Thea out, Valerie plays with her limp body for a little while before stripping Thea of her shirt. She then plays with the limp Thea some more before snapping her neck and leaving her on the mats. Thea is back on her feet moments later, when she is again sneak attacked by the sexy Ninja. Another sleeper hold and some more struggling ends in the same result, Thea sleeping on the mats. Again she is played with, this time stripped of her shoes and long socks before a finished off with a neck snap. The next scene starts the same, with Thea careless walking around the mats before being attacked for behind and KO’d. With Thea out cold again, or sexy Ninja once again plays with her limp victim, before stripping off her shorts and finishing her off with a neck snap. Finally, Thea is now only in a bikini as she is again sneak attacked from behind. With no more clothing for our Ninja to take, she goes right for the neck snap once again leaving Thea laid out on the mats.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this sentry style video has two really good things going for it. One is that Valerie is not wearing that green bikini, but instead is dressed up in a really cool really sexy ninja outfit and I absolutely love that she has on those big high heel boots. They don’t really help her be sneaky or anything, but they definitely look amazing. The next really good thing this video gives us is another look at the brand new Thea. She made a great first impression in the school of hard knocks video and she continues to impress here. She’s got a knack for over the top selling already even though it’s not on full display here. Thea doesn’t seem to do any nudity, as Valerie stops stripping Thea once she’s down to her bikini. I feel like all the other vids have at least some topless action, so that’s just my guess. Nonetheless it’s a fun video, Valerie looks awesome and Thea gives us some great selling again. Definitely has me looking forward to more videos with Thea soon.

Overall score: 8.5/10