Review of Nikki Next vs Ivy (Nikki’s New Hire)

Review of Knockout CatsNikki Next vs. Ivy (Nikki’s New Hire) – 9.5 mins

A new prospect swings by to apply for a position at Knockout Cats, but yours truly is nowhere to be found. Luckily, Nikki Next is willing to conduct the interview for us… albeit with a significant bias against the new hopeful. The hot new applicant, Ivy, is greeted at the door by our cutie, Nikki. Nikki is initially quick to dismiss the potential candidate, but on second thought, she decides that maybe it’s best to go ahead and treat the newbie to a peer interview. Nikki has Ivy strip down and model her bikini, and after careful consideration, she rips Ivy’s application to pieces and squashes her hopes of being the next Knockout Cats fighter… Or does she? Ivy claims that Nikki won’t give her the job because she feels threatened by having a hotter girl on the roster. Plus, she’d probably kick her ass if they were to fight. But Nikki isn’t scared of some newbie, and she’s ready to prove it. Nikki strips down to her pink bikini and pushes Ivy to instigate the fight. Ivy suddenly retaliates with belly punches and knees that have Nikki’s little tummy aching. From here on out, Ivy puts on a clinic. She gets Nikki in a hangman, and then knocks her out with a reverse standing headscissors. Ivy kneels over Nikki’s arms, pinning her down as she wakes her. Ivy demands that Nikki give her the job, but it’s still a firm “no” from our pretty delegate. Ivy tries to be more convincing by stretching Nikki’s body in a bow and arrow. Then, it’s time for a sleeper that knocks poor Nikki out again – face on the ground and butt in the air. Ivy wakes Nikki once more and drags her by her hair over to the bed for a backbreaker. Finally, Nikki can take no more, and she agrees to sign the contract that would make Ivy an official Knockout Cats fighter. With the contract signed, Nikki points Ivy to the door, but Ivy is not quite done with the petite beauty. Ivy returns Nikki to the backbreaker and chokes her unconscious. Ivy poses with her foot on Nikki’s face, and then departs with her newly obtained Knockout Cats contract while Nikki is left defeated and unconscious on the bed.

The newest release from Knockout Cats sets up a situation that I always love to see and that’s when one over confident girl talks herself right into a one sided beatdown. Nikki is just that over confident girl that gets completely dominated by Ivy. Both these girls are super cute, so it wouldn’t have matter to me too much who would have won, but after the way Nikki treated Ivy, I’m glad she lost. The move list here is simple, but well executed, all the moves look good and are sold pretty well by Nikki. Also the actual storyline is really good here, it’s not often we see girls fighting for the right to a contract. I wonder if Nikki well try and get revenge? Which she might not work out the way she expected either. Who knows, but what every Knockout Cats does next, you will definitely find it here.

Overall Score: 8.5/10