Review of Sleeperkid’s World NIKKI FIERCE vs MONROE – 20 Mins

MonroeWe fade in on the lovely Nikki Fierce talking to the SKW cameras about her recent successes, boasting a bit about her wins at the company.  Young rookie (and Layla’s little sis) Monroe barges into the conversation.  She demands to know what this “grappler” is doing at Sleeperkid’s World, hurling insults and threats.  She finally shoves the visiting fighter, leading to Nikki taking the scrappy Monroe down to the mats after a very quick lock up. Folks, we’d love to tell you that Monroe put up a good fight in this one-sided squash, but that would make us a bunch of liars.  Nikki completely DOMINATES the young pro, putting her in a ton of holds and knocking her out repeatedly, until a final KO/humiliation pin ends it all for the baby-faced jobber.

This is such a great jobber vs heel vid, with the brand new Monroe coming in running her mouth to the veteran Nikki and it all goes downhill for Monroe, immediately, as she’s easily over powered by Nikki in the starting lockup. Nikki dominates the first half of the match with all of her grappling skills, using her powerful legs and flexibility to KO Monroe repeatedly. Then she changes over to prostyle KOs to close out the match. Monroe is still brand new to this and you can still kind of tell, but she sells her demise excellently. Giving us great reactions and very convincing begs for mercy. We get nice eye crossing throughout and good twitching and drooling at the end as well. Monroe is not there yet, but is definitely well in her way to being a phenomenal jobber. It is clear that she will only get better and better from here. Nikki also moves up a few more notches in by book, playing the perfect heel and her flexibility is just so cool to watch. It’s always nice to see the newbie getting destroyed by the vet, but it even better when both roles are executed so well, like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10