Review of Nikki Fierce Defeated!

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Review of Hit the MatNikki Fierce Defeated! POV Boxing – 9 Mins

NikkiNikki Fierce is in the ring shadowboxing, and “you” expect her to leave so you can use it. Sounds like a good reason to fight! And Nikki does have a lot of fight in her. You start trading punches right away and while she is quick, your punches seem to have much more of an effect, knocking her around the ring. Nikki fires back, swinging big and hard, knocking you down a few times. But your punches are wearing her down, snapping her head, knocking the wind out of her and sending her to the canvas until she’s put to sleep by your punches, knocked out!

This was a video that I was waiting of for as soon as I heard about Nikki visiting HTM. Nikki is always really entertaining to watch, as her style of selling always seems to end up with her flinging herself all over the place, which totally happens in this video as well. She’s also a great talker and makes really expressive… expressions. Which is all great things, especially in a POV match like this. It’s great to get up close shots of her face and body, in this ultra-rare 720hd HTM video. Nikki does get a little offense in, but she’s dazed on the rope or down on the mats much more then you are. As the end nears, it gets hard for Nikki to even stay on her feet. You get her in a couple of nice near KOs and some dirty punches while she’s down on the mats, but a low blow sparks a second win in Nikki that almost gives her the comeback. Some great trash take between Nikki and Darrius, kind of reminds me of some of the battles with Mutiny. It’s also fun to listen to Nikki’s banter while she’s getting punched in the belly. Overall, this is another great POV match from HTM, another great performance by the amazing Nikki Fierce and I don’t what happened to make this vid 720p, but looks great and needs to happen more often.

Overall Score: 9/10