Review of Nighty-Night Constance

Review of Fem Wresting RoomsNighty-Night Constance – 14 Mins

When Madison heard that a rookie wrestler named Constance was visiting she immediately asked for a match. Madison loves to dominate and the fact that Constance kind of enjoys getting knocked out intrigued our wrestling fem! They met in the ring and Madison went right to work! She weakened the woman with a tight head lock then went to work knocking Constance out over and over again! The lovely Madison used a dragon sleeper, a straight figure four head scissors, a camel clutch/sleeper combo, two cross arm chokes, a face down scissor neck stretch, a temple drill, a long sleeper hold, and her signature reverse figure four head scissors. You’ll love the eye rolling knockouts of Constance!

I loved Constance and her great KO reactions ever since I first saw her and this is a video all about knocking out Constance, so obviously, I’m loved it. It really is very simple, Madison completely dominates Constance, just knocking her out over and over again, with a bunch different holds. Constance does what she does best, showing of those big beautiful eyes, making them roll and cross a ton before each KO. The outfits picked also go in my favor with the one pieces and boots. There isn’t much more I can say about this one, just know, I love watching Constance get KO repeatedly and that is all this video is about.

Overall Score: 9.9/10