Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldNICOLE ORING vs SUMIKO: GRUDGE MATCH – 23 min

Folks, when you have been producing content as long as we have here at SKW, it can be difficult for any one match to really stand out.  When you add in the sheer number of OUTSTANDING performers we’ve had the opportunity to work with and the unrivaled quality of our product to the sheer volume we produce, it can be even harder. With that said, this is without a doubt, one of THE. VERY. BEST. Matches that SKW has ever released! The trash talk between NICOLE ORING and SUMIKO had been going back and forth on social media leading up to this encounter and to say that the intensity and animosity on the mats when they finally locked up was palpable would be an understatement. This match has everything a fan could want. Trash talk, devastating impact moves, scream inducing submission holds, punches, kicks, knock outs, and near falls galore as Sumiko and Nicole go at it tooth and nail with nothing but bad intentions for one another in a quest for utter dominance. The battle rages back and forth with both wrestlers coming so close to gaining the needed ten count pin to earn the victory, only to have their rival find that extra reserve of strength to kick out and keep the match going.  Going into the final stretch Sumiko is in control and tries to end it all with a Tombstone piledriver only for the wily West Coaster to reverse it and drill her into the mat. After the hard fought battle Nicole knows that alone won’t be enough to finish this and she follows it up with an inverted stomp face breaker (Eat Defeat) and a brutal super kick!!! Clearly intending to make a point, Nicole folds her rival up into a humiliating matchbook pin before gleefully counting her out!  She takes a hard earned victory pose even as she grudgingly admits that Sumiko has earned her respect.  For all of our sake, as fans, we hope that this rivalry is far from over! You CANNOT afford to miss this match up!!! YOUR WINNER: NICOLE ORING!!!

Finally SK claims a match to be the very best and I can disagree. Don’t get me wrong, it’s one of the best, but for an entirely different reason then I’m used to seeing. Normally when I call a video one of the best it’s normally one sided and really over the top, in example: GIANT’S WRATH 9, however this time, the reason why I think this is one of the best is because of the build up to it. Nicole and Sumiko were cutting promos on each other since the moment they knew for sure the match was going to happen and it was so much fun watching them trash talking each of and boasting about themselves, it almost felt like watching the build up to a WWE PPV. So when the match finally happened it came with a lot of hype and without a doubt Nicole and Sumiko lived up to that hype delivering a fun, action packed match. But if you were to take away all that build up and all that hype, we’ve seen great prostyle action like this from SKW many times before, in fact, just recently with HIGHLIGHTS: volume 35, which delivered great high impact prostyle action like this one did. So what I’m trying to say is, I wish we could get more videos that got the hype train going and built up a rivalry like this one did, it truly does make that final product more entreating. It actually had me hopeful for and thankful for a back and forth, tightly contested match, instead of the one sided dominations I’m known for putting over all the time. In the end I feel the right gal lost, as far as selling goes, I feel the moves were spot on, well executed, great reactions and of course the ladies looked great, but what else would you expect from Nicole and Sumiko? On a little side note though, I am quite tired of every match that ends with pin, ends with a matchbook pin. Not that I don’t like matchbook pins, I am just being overdosed with one kind of pin. Can we get some different final pins, please? Overall, if you haven’t seen the promo vids between Nicole and Sumiko, go around Facebook/Twitter and check them out, I’m pretty sure SK posted them all. They really help make this great matchup between two legends in the business just that much better.

Overall Score: 9.9/10