Review of Newcomer’s claim fails badly

Review of DefeatedNewcomer’s claim fails badly – 18 mins

Zahra, MMA fighter, newcomer, says she came here to destroy everyone in Defeated. Stella, hidden under the bed over hears the whole story. She was prepared for Zahra and she ties her feet with a rope trap. Zahra falls to the floor, Stella applies her a crippler crossface that KOs her. With feet tied she had no chance to escape. Then, Stella plays with her body, destroying everything with belly punching and kicking, different sleeper holds and scissor holds and finishing her with a special inverted scissor hand over mouth. Stella’s creativity here is surprising… Check the photos to get a better idea!

Got some more Defeated action for you guys and this one does turn out to be another twitchy ragdoll, and as you know I just can’t get enough of these ragdoll vids. This one has an opening scene that really had me laughing for quite a while. Stella lays a cartoonish rope trap that Zahra unknowingly steps into then Stella gives the rope a good yank and down goes Zahra. This was funny to me, not only because of the creativity, I mean, who could have thought of doing something like that, and it was also funny because for some reason I could really see Stella doing something like this. Like, if I had to pick anyone from Defeated that would use a trap like that, I would easily have picked Stella first. So, all that and I’ve only talked about the first few seconds of this video. Moving on, for the rest of the video Stella dominates, soon KOing Zahra, who becomes a total ragdoll. Stella keeps Zahra’s feet tied the whole time, using the rope to assist her with some of the holds. Zahra plays a pretty good ragdoll, with some twitching along the way. I definitely would have loved to see Stella lose this match, after all, it’s been a little while since she’s been in a Defeated video and she’s such a great jobber, but I know that has got to be on its way soon and I cannot wait to see that. But, I am loving all the ragdoll action coming from Defeated and I hope they keep them coming.

Overall Score: 9.9/10