Review of Nerd Girl Lauren Can’t Box

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Review of Hit the Mat Nerd Girl Lauren Can’t Box – POV Boxing Defeat – 16 Mins

SGNerdy schoolgirl Lauren is being a big bully beating up other students and needs to be taught a lesson. A lesson that will be taught with TWO gloves this time! After showing off her boobs as an attempted distraction, Lauren is pushed in to the corner and punished right away. Punches rain down on her face, body and exposed breasts whether she’s standing or on her back. She won’t give up without a fight, but is ultimately dominated and knocked out (after the top completely goes!). Included are some bonus bloopers at the end!

As I said before, if Lauren is losing in a video, I going to want it. Lauren has sure an irresistible look about her, she perfect for these jobber roles. This one isn’t as one sided as when she faced Rusty, but it’s still mostly her on the losing side. I love the school girl look, although the top is amusingly pointless, because her boobs are out the whole time anyway. But she does get KO’d a little after the halfway point and her pointless top is removed. Lauren sells really well, reeling a lot from the punches, pretty easy to knock down, yet she gets super cocky the second she has any control, which of course only make her demise just that much better. I love watching Lauren lose, I can’t wait for her next defeat, this sexy redhead is definitely something special.

Overall Score: 9/10