Review of Nathaly’s brutal fate

Review of DefeatedNathaly’s brutal fate – 15 mins

Nathaly the spy is taking on her evil masked archenemy. Things start out well enough for Nathaly as she controls the early moments of the video using a lot of strikes to keep her opponent at bay. Just when it looks like our heroine has everything under control, her nemesis runs he sword right up between her legs. The look of surprise and impending doom comes across Nathaly’s face as she comes to realize what’s just happened to her. Nathaly goes down in a heap, twitching on floor, as the masked man comes in for the kill, running his sword across her throat. What follows is several scenes following the same idea, with our heroine trying her heart out, only to soon meet her demise and wind up twitching away on the floor and staring at the ceiling.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys and this time we got a vid that I have been calling, sentry girls to the extreme, because that’s basically what it is, a sentry girls style video but with everything cranked up. So we get full nudity, more brutal deaths, including a mortal kombat like heart ripping fatality and more OTT reactions, or in this case, just a lot of twitching. I like how this nudity is done, because Nathaly isn’t just naked, she’s got a top on, that just isn’t doing its job, she had a skirt, but it was removed early and she never had panties on to start with and she’s wearing little boots and I’m one who’s for boots or shoes over bare feet any day, but it’s sexy that she’s sort of wearing clothes, but totally exposed. The scenes are pretty good, usually starting with some fighting that Nathaly loses. The deaths are pretty good, mostly done with the sword, but there is a neck snap and the aforementioned heart rip out. Then once the deed it done we get lots of twitching and some death stares. Overall, I thought this was a pretty enjoyable clips. That loved sentry style video kicked up a notch.

Overall Score: 9.5/10