Review of Natasha: Private Eye

Review of Velvets FantasiesNatasha: Private Eye – 21 mins

Based off a custom script, this storyline driven movie stars Natasha as a young reporter whom is searching for her friend who has been missing for weeks. She decides to take things into her own hands and arrives at the house of the suspected kidnapper with intentions on only questioning him, but the kidnapper (played by SK) doesn’t appreciate a snoop and then the tables are turned. After a bit of hard interrogation, the suspected kidnapper decides to give this snoopy reporter a false lead that only leads her deeper in his trap. This rookie reporter will hopefully learn her lesson before the kidnapper runs out of kindness!

I got a request for a true Velvets Fantasies classic and I couldn’t resist getting the opportunity to talk about arguably the most missed SKW/JVF roster member in history, arguably. Natasha was a huge fan favorite and everyone who got to see her in action certainly misses her now. Anyway, in this classic Velvets video Natasha plays a reporter investigating SK, suspected of kidnapping her friend, but of course things quickly get out of hand. Before she knows it Natasha becomes the limp play thing of the suspected kidnapper, who gets his jollies off by carrying her around, tying her up, asking her a few questions of his own, then setting her on a wild goose chase just to be able to KO her and play with her some more. It’s an excellent sleepy vid with a solid and fun story that is performed excellently by both Natasha and SK. But my favorite thing about this one is Natasha’s outfit, skin tight tops and tight jeans look great on her slender frame and pairing that, for a short time, with sexy black heels was, in whole, a great look for her. Most of this video though, she is barefoot and there are plenty of close ups of her feet, which I actually feel quite neutral about. But as I said this is a classic video and is thankfully is still easily obtainable, as is all of Natasha’s other work during her tenure at SKW/JVF. If this is you first time knowing of this lovely lass, be sure to check out both Jacquelyn and Sleeperkid’s archives for more Natasha action. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Overall score: 9.5/10