Review of Mythril Destroys Kitana with Kaya Lin

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Review of Cali Logan’s Power and PerilMythril Destroys Kitana with Kaya Lin – 15 mins

Kitana thinks she’s so clever, sneaking her way through Kaya’s Lair. She opens the wrong door and Kaya is waiting for her. Each one talking the other then quickly start punching and kicking each other. Kitana soon realizes that she’s not dealing as much damage as she’s used too. Kaya finally reveals that her entire lair has been coated in a powerful ore known as Mythril. An ore that has been slowly draining Kitana since she snuck in. Getting weaker and weaker, Kitana easily succumbs to Kaya’s blows. Too weak to stand she slides to the floor as she stops breathing.

Got a nice clip here for Cali’s superheroine store. For the most part this one I just a good old fashioned fist fight, with a slight superheroine tone, besides for the outfits of course, which are clearly very superheroine and Cali’s outfit looks so good. As for the fight, the slight superheroine tone come for the power draining which is kind of a side effect in my opinion. I think this fight could have gone this way with or without the power draining detail. The actual combat is as good as you would expect for Cali, she tries to put up a fight, but seem out classed from the beginning of the fight. So Cali catches a beat down, despite trying to put up a fight and then gets choked out in the end for a great superheroine demise clip. I’m always looking forward to seeing Cali lose, whether it’s wrestling, or superheroines, or sleepy vids, no matter what Cali sells it great and always puts on a great show.

Overall Score; 9/10