Review of Mystique’s Foot Domination

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsMystique’s Foot Domination – 16 Mins

BeccaThis custom video features poor Becca getting TOTALLY destroyed by the bare feet of Mystique! It starts outside the ring when Mystique attacks Becca from behind and weakens her with a choke hold. The much larger woman then proceeds to work Becca over with head stomps, foot chokes, and grinding feet to the face. After a lengthy domination outside on the carpet, Mystique tosses poor Becca into the ring for more punishment. While there are a few wrestling moves applied, like a fireman’s carry, arm stretches, head scissors, boston crab, a head lock, a bear hug, a bow and arrow, and a torture rack, the bare feet of Mystique are featured as they smash and grind on Becca’s sweet face. We’ve never seen such a wild display of foot torture as we’ve see in this match, with little Becca being TOTALLY destroyed! The match ends after Becca is tossed out of the ring with Mystique GRINDING her foot on the blonde’s nearly unconscious face. If you like foot domination then you MUST purchase this video for your collection!

Another Becca squash? Yes please! And versus the most dominate heel at FWR? Even better. Now, a foot domination is never really my first choice, but when you have an amazing jobber like Becca and heel that is just basking in the glory of her dominance like Mystique, you just can’t go wrong. Becca suffers through a very unique style of beatdown, lots of feet in the face, like Mystique is trying to get Becca’s head to pop off her shoulders, trying different positions all over the FWR studios, as well as a couple of moves with Mystique just showing off her strength, torture racks or just Mystique lifting and tossing Becca around with ease. As always with Becca, her selling it top notch, one of the best in the business and as long as she continues to bring her A game, I’m going to continue to love each and every time she gets squashed.

Overall Score: 9.5/10