Review of My Stepmom was in a Biker Gang?

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Review of Kayla ObeyMy Stepmom was in a Biker Gang? – 14 mins

Your stepmom wants to cheer you up, knowing that you’ve been feeling down lately. She comes in to your room and sweetly talks with you…when she notices what you’ve got hidden under your pillow. She admits that your friends have told her the games you used to play and says that you could bond over it now, and maybe it’ll cheer you up! She holds it out, but you quickly hit her in the chest and she falls back moaning then limp. Tongue slightly out, dress riding up and showing off her bare legs. Game on! She shouts banter at you, then pretends to get hit in the belly and chest and goes down…getting up and smiling at you after each playful round. After a while, she lets you know that she’s going to get changed into something else. When she comes back, she’s wearing boots, jeans, and a leather jacket over a bikini. You’re shocked to see this drastic change from her usual dresses and skirts and she admits that she used to be in a biker gang. No one else knows this about her and she gave up that lifestyle when she married your father. She pretends to get hit more, and you can see now that she’s getting quite into it. The final hit she falls into the bed, and gasps that you can do whatever you’d like with her body, before surprising you with a quick kiss and falling back limp. She puts her leather jacket back on and says that you might be the better shot but who’s better with these instead. A few scenes playing getting one in the belly or chest with a different toy, plunged into her.

Kayla has delivered another video with her doing that fan favorite thing again, which of course is pretending to get gunned down. This one adds an interesting twist with Kayla playing your Stepmom, which is an odd detail I don’t quite get, but really doesn’t make a bit of difference on Kayla performance. But not only is she supposed to be your stepmom, she’s also a your who used was once in a motorcycle gang, which her current husband doesn’t know about. It’s all kind of interesting to me, I would love to know how/why the custom writer asked for such stipulations, I bet he/she has some interesting stories behind it. Nonetheless, and as said, those details have no effect on how Kayla sells in this vid, we still get the great reactions we’re used to, but we do get some nice outfits from the biker gang aspect. Also this clip is a bit longer than the usual vid so we actually get a really good hand full of scenes, even few bonus knife scenes at the end. Overall, this is classic style that Kayla really knows how to sell and this is just another kickass version of the video we all love to see.

Overall Score: 9/10